Backup Solutions

IGNITELINK’s Cloud-First Backup Solution provides you with flexibility through optional local storage in addition to cloud-based backups.

This means you have the choice to keep a local copy of your backups on a network share or hardware of your choice, enabling faster recovery times over your local network.

With IGINITELINK’s data-efficient solution, you can say goodbye to storage and bandwidth restrictions. Our technology optimizes data change rates, making backups up to 60 times smaller compared to traditional methods. This allows you to back up more frequently and retain more restore points without worrying about storage limitations.

Flexible Protection

Experience the power of optional local storage, efficient data management, and lower data change rates with IgniteLink’s Cloud-First Backup Solution. Keep your data protected in the cloud, while also having the flexibility of local storage, and optimize your restore points for enhanced data retention. Choose our solution for a comprehensive and efficient backup strategy. Get started today and unlock the full potential of our innovative approach to data storage.